We're still months away from Christmas, but the holiday cheer starts now.

Filmmakers Leigh Lahav and Oren Mendez unveiled a hilarious "Stranger Things" and "Charlie Brown"-inspired short today. The animated mash-up takes the holiday classic "A Charlie Brown Christmas" and re-imagines it with the Netflix sci-fi horror series' characters. The results are amazing.

In the short, Will Byers is dealing with the aftermath of the events of Season 1. He's having trouble adjusting to his escape from the Upside Down, and he needs help finding happiness again. Luckily, his friends are there to offer help, and he works with them to see the bright side.

The detail throughout the video adds to the fun. Not only do we see "Peanuts" staples, like Lucy's psychiatry booth, there are fun reminders of the Netflix series as well, including Eleven's Eggo waffles. Who knew "Stranger Things" and "A Charlie Brown Christmas" would go together so well?

Experience the magic below.

Alex Jebb Quine, Dylan Neumeyer, Nicholas Polley, and Rylan Bailey, lent their voices to "A Stranger Things Christmas."