can't wait podcast episode 4 doctor strangeThis week on "CAN'T WAIT!", Tim Hayne, Rachel Horner, Phil Pirrello, and Tony Maccio offer up their takes on the new trailer for sci-fi thriller "Life" (domestic and international, because we're fancy) and set sail on a discussion regarding the merits of saying goodbye to "Deadpool 2" director Tim Miller and hello to names like "Daredevil" producer Drew Goddard and "John Wick" co-director David Leitch. Ryan Reynolds is so powerful, you guys.

Then the magic happens ... we're talking about Marvel's "Doctor Strange," offering up some spoiler-free thoughts on what a wizard looks like in the MCU. Hint: He ain't Harry Potter. Double hint: A cape as a sidekick totally works. Triple hint: Tilda Swinton = 🙌. (PS: M.C. Escher was doing it before "Inception," so back off haters.)

And that's not all! Keep listening as our recommendations segment turns into "Documentary Corner," hosted by Tony and Rachel. Those crazy kids love to learn.

CAN'T WAIT! A Movie Lover's Podcast Episode 4

Here's the rundown:

  • Intro: 0:00 - 2:13
  • "Life" trailer: 2:13 - 5:53
  • "Deadpool 2" directors: 5:53 - 14:23
  • "Doctor Strange" review: 14:23 - 36:48
  • Recommendations: 36:48 - 46:54

Total runtime: 46:54

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