ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live" - Season 14For the sixth year in a row, Jimmy Kimmel encouraged parents to terrorize their children by telling them they ate all of their Halloween candy, and he even tried the infamous prank out on his own child.

With his daughter, Jane, having turned 2 this year, she was finally old enough both to Trick-or-Treat and to be a part of the annual "Jimmy Kimmel Live" tradition. The day after Halloween, Kimmel set her up in her highchair and broke the bad news -- all while filming for the show. What resulted was reaction that "confuses" the late-night show host.

Instead of the melting down into tantrums, tears, and even curse words like some of the other kids whose reactions were sent in, Jane took a different route.
Not every kid took the news so well. In fact, some got downright vicious with their parents.
And they make it seem like taking candy from a baby is so easy.