Premiere Of Walt Disney Pictures And Lucasfilm's "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" - ArrivalsMark Hamill may be a firmly embedded in pop culture, but even he is fascinated by it -- so much so that he's going to bring us all along on his journey to learn more in "Mark Hamill's Pop Culture Quest."

A new trailer, dropped Tuesday, offers a taste of what to expect from the Star Wars legend's new Comic-Con HQ series. The preview teases how the show follows the actor as he gets collectors to show off their insanely rare collections. He'll go hunting for rare pop culture artifacts from DC Comics, Marvel, and more.

In the trailer, Hamill, who is a collector himself, nerds out over comic book memorabilia, film props, and iconic vehicles, among other things. Beyond showing off cool aspects of entertainment history, he'll also delve into what draws people to collecting and what these collection say about us."Mark Hamill's Pop Culture Quest" premieres on Nov. 15 on Comic-Con HQ.