If you think the violence, nudity, and profanity on "Game of Thrones" is "gratuitous," well, Arya Stark has a special message for you ..."Game of Thrones: The Complete Sixth Season" is now out on Blu-ray and DVD, and a video including 11 minutes of deleted scenes is making the rounds on the Internet. You may have already seen the scene with Lady Olenna Tyrell, but there's a lot more, including a waaaaaaaaay longer version of the Westeros play in Braavos.

During the play, two Mrs. Dursley-like spectators sniff to each other in distaste, before Arya Stark tells them off.

Spectator: "Violence and profanity. How original."

Arya: "Why don't you just leave, then?"

The two women later laugh during Ned Stark/King Robert scenes -- which Arya does not like, since they make her father look bad. The women do eventually leave after the Tyrion/Sansa wedding night scene, which reveals play Sansa's breasts, calling the nudity "utterly gratuitous" and "disgusting and unacceptable."

So, yeah, GoT is calling out its own critics.

Warning: Brief nudity in video:What's really gratuitous and unacceptable is the length of that play scene. They were right to chop it down.

"Game of Thrones" Season 7 is now shooting for a summer 2017 premiere.

[via: Huffington Post]

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