If "The Walking Dead" were "Westworld," then yeah, this Season 7 theory might pan out. But it's not. There's no need to read into every gesture on the AMC show, even if it would kinda be cool if The Powers That Be added more layers to their walker apocalypse maze. Heck, even TWD's showrunner thinks the new Morse code theory is "badass."

Scott M. Gimple talked to Yahoo TV about the state of the show at this point, with Season 7 airing Episode 6 this Sunday, November 27. As part of the discussion, Yahoo asked Gimple about the fan theory working the Internet, arguing that Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) might've been blinking a Morse code message to Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) during the Episode 4 visit to Alexandria. Daryl was blinking a lot in that scene, and there was Morse code artwork on the wall at Chez Richonne...

... so the theory had some possible merit. However, Gimple had an answer for it. Here's what he told Yahoo:

"I would say this theory makes it official that this show has the greatest viewers and fans around. I would say I would desperately like to live in a world where Daryl Dixon intimately knew Morse code, and intimately knew that Rick knew Morse code. I'm not even kidding. That is completely badass. I love that. I love the amount of attention and imagination that is brought to this show by the audience. That is why we take the crazy risks that we do. That's why we try to invite the conversation that can occur with big huge story turns.

I will also say it was an incredibly sunny day. Also, Andy and Norman are really close. I think the theory actually could be correct, but not within the story. Meaning, I don't put it past those two gentlemen, who are now so unbelievably close, that maybe Andy and Norman were communicating with each other, like they were saying, 'Oh, that was a good take. I really like what you did there. You're really bringing it.'"

Maybe they were blinking plans to meet up later for pizza, or sharing their own special bromance love blinks. Who knows. It's a cool theory, though, just not one TWD embraced. That's the case on many shows, though: The fan fiction is often more creative than what the producers and writers choose to do.

Gimple also teased more about what's ahead in Season 7. Episode 8 will mark the midseason finale, before the show airs the next set of eight episodes starting in February 2017.

"Well, we began in a great deal of trauma and unbelievable heartbreak, real true horror. Now we're in the middle of the story, and we're seeing how they're all planning on moving forward. Before this half season's end we're also going to see some spikes out of the story that are complete left turns, that right now have really nothing to do with this greater story. It just affects some characters that we haven't seen in a while. But, you'll see Rick get tested more and more; we'll see the conflicts between the characters about how to deal with this grow greater. It will all crash together. I will say that the end of the season could not be more different than the beginning of the season. The end of the season really is the start of a very different vibe, a very different flavor, a very different structure to the episodes. I think for the audience ... we've asked a great deal of them. I wanted to put them through all the traumas that Rick suffered in the beginning of the season, have them understand where he's at, but as we move forward, things change a great deal."

Gimple added that it will be "a very rewarding and satisfying journey for the audience" as "the light stuff starts to compete with the dark stuff." Read more from his Q&A.

TWD's ratings have taken a hit so far in Season 7, but it's possible some fans will come back for "live" Sunday night viewing once the "stuff" and thangs start getting lighter. Just don't expect the stuff to come in Morse code.

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