Academy Award winners Adrien Brody and Wes Anderson should be able to take on whatever projects they want at this point in their careers, and apparently what they want includes an H&M commercial.

The two collaborated on "Come Together," a new short from H&M helmed by Anderson and starring Brody as a train conductor. In the film, he is forced to tell the passengers of the H&M Lines Winter Express that their Christmas Day voyage will be late -- by 11-and-a-half hours. As a consolation, he invites them all to gather for a special brunch and manages to throw together a surprisingly cheery celebration at the last minute. He's joined by a number of passengers, clad in the H&M Christmas 2016 collection, of course.

Needless to say, the video is an unexpected follow-up to Brody and Anderson's most recent collaboration, 2014's "The Grand Budapest Hotel," but it makes for a heart-warming ad nonetheless.

[via: H&M/YouTube]