power rangers, rita, rita repulsa, elizabeth banksRita Repulsa isn't just taking over the world -- she's also taking over Twitter, too. That was the latest promotional stunt behind the upcoming "Power Rangers" reboot, and the gag gave fans a closer glimpse at the villainess (played by Elizabeth Banks), revealing some new photos and a few character details about the power-hungry alien.

Rita took control of the official "Power Rangers" Twitter account on Monday, tweeting out a bunch of pictures of herself and dishing out some withering insults, while also detailing her plans for world domination. The cheeky stunt found the Rangers' nemesis calling the heroes "a bunch of whiny teens," dubbing Earth a "pitiful planet," and crowing about her good looks (and penchant for bloodlust).

"'Killin it', you say?" Rita wrote. "You have no idea how right you are..."

The villain also called out individual Twitter users who shared the Rangers' names, took some shots at Ranger mentor Zordon (suggesting the baldie get some Rogaine), and even made a winking reference to Banks's "Hunger Games" connection. The stunt was silly, sure, but also pretty clever, allowing fans to see how Banks will approach the character, giving Rita some sass to go with her megalomaniac ways.

It's the latest bit of viral marketing for "Power Rangers," after the film launched a site for the titular characters' high school newspaper. That source has already yielded some interesting intel; we're curious to see what else the movie's promotional team has on the docket before the flick is released.

"Power Rangers" is due in theaters on March 24, 2017.

[via: Power Rangers]