The CircleSharing is caring -- and scary as hell in the new trailer for "The Circle."

The movie stars Emma Watson as college grad Mae, who joins a tech company called The Circle, founded by a charismatic visionary (Tom Hanks). The company produces SeeChange, glass eyeballs which transmit footage in real time, and Mae soon becomes a social media celebrity by sharing her thoughts, hopes, and fears with millions of people. But a programmer (John Boyega) clues her into the realization that there's something darker at work in The Circle. Watch the trailer:If this sounds like an episode of "Black Mirror," well, yeah, it looks like it, too -- though with a higher budget and bigger cast. Like that series, "The Circle" seems to probe the whole "has technology run amok?" question that is part of our modern lives.

"The Circle" opens in theaters April 28.

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