Four singers entered "The Voice" Season 11 finale -- which aired Tuesday, December 13 -- but it seemed like it was always going to come down to two: Sundance Head vs. Billy Gilman. And it did.


Fourth place: Josh Gallagher

Third place: Wé McDonald

Second place: Billy Gilman

WINNER: Sundance Head


We suspected this would come down to Sundance vs. Billy partly due to analysis of iTunes sales for the whole season and finale week. That's hard evidence of who fans are willing to step up for, and also give their hard-earned money.

TVLine broke down the iTunes sales rankings, giving the edge to Sundance over Billy, which is not to say that Wé McDonald or Josh Gallagher couldn't still win it all:

Ranking on iTunes Singles Chart at Close of Voting (Tuesday, Noon ET)

1. Sundance Head (Team Blake), "Darlin' Don't Go"

2. Sundance Head (Team Blake), "At Last"

3. Billy Gilman (Team Adam), "Because of Me"

4. Billy Gilman (Team Adam), "My Way"

6. Josh Gallagher (Team Adam), "Pick Any Small Town"

10. Wé McDonald (Team Alicia), "Wishes"

11. Josh Gallagher (Team Adam), "Jack and Diane"

12. Wé McDonald (Team Alicia), "Don't Rain on My Parade"

Number of Top 10 iTunes Singles for the Finalists Prior to the Finale

Sundance Head, "Love Can Build a Bridge"

Sundance Head, "Me and Jesus"

Sundance Head, "No One"

Billy Gilman, "I Surrender"

Billy Gilman, "Anyway"

Josh Gallagher, "Danny's Song"

Wé McDonald, "God Bless the Child"

Here's TVLine's end game prediction:

Winner: Sundance

Runner-Up: Billy

Third Place: Wé

Fourth Place: Josh

Do you agree? Is Blake Shelton looking at another win over Adam Levine, or does Alicia Keys still have a solid shot as the winning coach? (Sorry you're out of it, Miley Cyrus. Just enjoy the show.) The fans polls on the site seemed to agree with a Sundance win, and he also has a lot of backing on Twitter, but the other stars are also well-supported (especially Wé and Billy). We'll see.

The final answer arrives tonight in the 9 to 11 p.m. live finale.

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