"The Big Bang Theory" is taking a different -- perhaps evolved? -- approach to baby delivery.

The Season 10 fall finale airs Thursday, December 15 on CBS, and Episode 11, "The Birthday Synchronicity," will show Bernadette (Melissa Rauch) and Howard (Simon Helberg) welcoming their first child. But showrunner Steve Molaro told TVLine fans shouldn't expect to see the usual Pregnant Woman Screaming in Agony in the Delivery Room scene.

"That's an arena that has been covered fairly well on many shows over the years," Molaro told TVLine, adding that the episode instead mostly follows "what goes on before we get down to, 'Let's push the baby out.'" (Any chance the baby could arrive by Stork, is has that also been covered fairly well on other shows over the years?)

Molaro also pointed out the somewhat ironic fact -- considering this is a show filled with scientists -- that Bernadette has actually been pregnant for almost 11 months in the world of the series. "She knew she was pregnant on Valentine's Day last year. And [she's giving birth] on Amy's birthday, which is December. I don't know how much longer we could've gotten away with it if anyone was paying attention." So they build in a time jump during the first half of the season.

Anyway, can't say we'll miss hearing the screams of a woman with her legs up in stirrups at the hospital, but here's hoping everything goes perfectly for Bernadette -- and also for Amy (Mayim Bialik) on her own birthday.

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