Saved by the BellStart trying out your best backwards chair poses: A pop-up diner inspired by the "Saved by the Bell" gang's favorite hangout, The Max, is coming to various U.S. cities.

The diner, officially titled Saved by the Max, made its debut in Chicago in May. In line with its theme, the pop-up gives looks like its inspiration, hosts "Saved by the Bell" trivia nights, and offers menu items like the Bayside Burger. Dennis Haskins, who played Mr. Belding, has even shown up to DJ as The Big Bopper, as he did on the show.

Fortunately for those of us not in the Midwest, the diner is due to arrive in new locations as well. Saved by the Max unveiled a video Thursday in which Haskins announced that the pop-up is hitting the road. At this point, we don't know its destinations, but the good news is that fans will get to weigh in. Saved by the Max is calling for suggestions on social media, so if you round up enough excited "Saved by the Bell" fans in your area, your '90s dreams may come true.

In the meantime, Chicagoans will have a chance to say goodbye. Haskins also revealed that the city's Saved by the Max will have "one final semester." Before it closes for good, there will be new menu items, charity partnerships, and more special guests. The "Saved by the Bell" fun never ends.[via: People]