"Game of Thrones" Season 7 is still filming, and there haven't been many "official" reveals yet, but we already know quite a bit about Sansa Stark's journey. That's not from spoilers -- although there have been plenty, including a rumored rundown of the entire plot -- it's from interviews with Sophie Turner. She recently talked about Sansa having a power trip in Season 7, and she went further down that road in a new interview with Vulture.

Turner mentioned Sansa getting and enjoying her first little taste of power toward the end of last season, only for it to be taken away when Jon Snow was declared King in the North.

Vulture noted that a lot was made of the prospect of a "Dark Sansa" when she got to change her wardrobe at the Eyrie, but the power-loving ginger Stark of Season 7 sounds like more of the real Dark Sansa. Turner agreed, teasing more of her character's dark side:

"Oh, yeah. This is so much more Dark Sansa. When she changed her outfit, that was just the first hint that she was ready to start playing the game. That was a mild version of Dark Sansa, and now it's really starting to feel like there is a dark side to her. She's playing the game now, and very ruthlessly. When she wants something, she's going to go out and get it."

Turner also teased more of her future with Littlefinger. Vulture said Littlefinger doesn't trust anyone, but he seems to trust Sansa, since she's one of the few people who could turn him in for conspiring to kill King Joffrey, and also killing Lysa Arryn. Turner seized on that:

"Exactly! She holds a power over him. And after she confronted him about selling her to the Boltons, he owes her big time. He knows he has to be loyal to her now, and he has to serve her well, because she holds so much over him. It would destroy his reputation if she revealed any of the stuff that she knows about him. It's tricky. She has power, but it's a question of whether people listen to her or not. You'll see more of that in this upcoming season."

Season 7 won't premiere until the summer of 2017, and there's only one season left after that. Turner said the mood on set is more somber, since they know they will soon say goodbye. She and Maisie Williams (Arya Stark) already got matching tattoos, and it sounds like the rest of the GoT cast may go the "Lord of the Rings" route when it's over:

"I think the plan is for everyone to get matching tattoos if we survive to Season 8. That's the plan. But that doesn't necessarily mean that I'm in there!"

We certainly hope she will be.

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