That Michael Sheen really knows how to elevate every milestone to the next level.

First, take a minute to let it sink in that Kate Beckinsale, who is 43 but still looks about 25, has a daughter old enough to be heading off to college. She and Michael Sheen are no longer together, but they dated from 1995 to 2003 and are the proud parents of daughter Lily, who was born in 1999 and apparently just got accepted to college.

Beckinsale shared how the family celebrated:

Lifts and hugs for everyone!

Sheen, 47, and Beckinsale met in a touring production of "The Seagull" in early 1995. Beckinsale told IGN she convinced director Len Wiseman to cast Sheen in "Underworld," and then she and Sheen ended up splitting, and she went on to marry Wiseman. Beckinsale and Wiseman are now recently divorced, and Sheen is dating Sarah Silverman.

But Beckinsale and Sheen obviously parted on good terms and seem like they are co-parenting in perfect style. As Beckinsale told IGN of her ex, "I mean, Michael and I were together for nearly 10 years, and I can't imagine not having him in my life. He lives close by in LA and we all get together sometimes and I'm very proud of that."

Sheen can now be seen in the movie "Passengers" and Beckinsale is returning as Seline for "Underworld: Blood Wars" in January.

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