BRITAIN-ENTERTAINMENT-FILM"Gotham Suicide Sirens" will star at least one of fans' favorite "Suicide Squad" characters, and that number could grow. Will Smith, who played Deadshot, is open to appearing in the female-led spinoff as well.

The upcoming film is intended to focus on DC's villainesses, including Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), but if male villains are needed, Deadshot sounds like a definite possibility. While speaking to MTV International, he said he'd "definitely love to be in it" and sang the praises of Robbie, who is executive producing the project.

"I love Margot Robbie," he said. "I will do anything she wants to do."

Smith's "Collateral Beauty" co-star Jacob Latimore was also present, and he too said he would be up for joining Robbie. Clearly, the casting directors aren't going to have trouble finding interested actors. Of course, the men might not be needed since the women will be the focus. Sorry, boys.

[via: MTV International]