Jennifer Lawrence has a lot of celebrity friends -- Amy Schumer, Emma Stone, Chris Pratt, etc. -- but she does not love all of her fellow famous folk.

JLaw was recently on "Watch What Happens Live" with her best friend Laura Simpson, and host Andy Cohen had them play a game called "Shush, You BFF Lush." Somehow, Simpson couldn't recall Lawrence's celebrity crush -- Larry David -- even though the star had already revealed that publicly. Simpson had the more private dirt, though.

First, she was asked to reveal "One celebrity your BFF refuses to do a movie with." Simpson had a sly smile but took a drink, her way out of answering that particular question. It's possible we got hints to that in the nicknames. Simpson was asked to reveal "Without naming names, the meanest thing [Lawrence] has said about a celebrity." That's when the naughty (Mean Girl-ish) nicknames came out.

Simpson: "There's somebody that we -- there's a lot of nicknames for certain celebrities. ... There's The Lady, there's Pickle... Uh, who else do we have?"

Lawrence: "Well, The Lady has different variations. There's the Raging Lady, the Lady in Red, the Lady in Waiting."

Watch the clip:Is that all one Lady or is there more than one? If there are several, that's a sad commentary on how many "lady" celebs she doesn't like. Pickle sounds like a dude, and maybe we shouldn't know how he got that nickname. The names will probably be revealed in a memoir someday, but for now fans have been left to guess.

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