BRITAIN-ENTERTAINMENT-CINEMA-REVENANTConfirmed: Tom Hardy is a big ol' softie. The Oscar-nominated actor is renowned for playing tough guys, but he can also entertain the young'uns. Just watch his recent video for the BBC's CBeebies Bedtime Story program, which is aimed at kids under 10.

Hardy read "You Must Bring a Hat" by Simon Philip and Kate Hindley, and -- like any self-respecting thespian -- he went full-out with different voices to act out the parts. Adding to the unmissable cuteness is the fact that his sleepy, blissed-out dog, Woody, was sprawled across his lap through the whole thing.

Here's the bedtime story:The segment aired Dec. 31 in the U.K. and left Hardy's fellow Brits swooning into the new year:

The next thing fans can watch from Tom Hardy is his new series "Taboo" which is much less family friendly. But you can certainly watch it around bedtime with a dog across your own lap when it premieres January 10 on FX.

[via: aplus]

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