HBO's Post Emmy Awards Reception - Arrivals"Game of Thrones" usually finishes filming before a new year begins, but Season 7 is taking advantage of the real-life winter, so it still has about another month left to go. Our beloved khaleesi Emilia Clarke may still be drunk from holiday parties, but by the gods there are Seven Kingdoms to conquer! So she's back in Mother of Dragons mode, (mostly) ready to resume filming.

Here's what Emilia posted on Instagram on Friday, showing off her white-blond Daenerys Targaryen wig:

You heard it from Mhysa herself, kids: Don't drink and drive dragons!

We assume the hoodie comes off for filming ... but you never know. Maybe that's Dany's new look -- an Elsa braid mixed with a Stark grey hood.

Watchers on the Wall reports that Clarke was seen yesterday on a flight to Belfast, Northern Ireland, where GoT filming is based. In the past few months, the cast and crew have been all over the place -- including Spain and Croatia -- and we can't wait to see the results on screen. Season 7 will premiere a couple of months later than usual, in the summer rather than the spring, but we're still hoping HBO shows a full trailer relatively soon. Or even just a sneak peek scene from the premiere. Anything!

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