*Warning: Potential "Game of Thrones" Season 7 spoilers ahead.*

A character we didn't think we'd see again will reportedly be seen again in "Game of Thrones" Season 7. It's unexpected, and yet not that surprising since it, too, fits with the rumored full-season leak.

Watchers on the Wall noticed that the agency resume of actor David Bradley, aka The Late Walder Frey, was updated to include Season 7. They also noticed that it wrongly lists Season 2 instead of Season 3, which isn't the best sign. It's possible, if Bradley's Walder Frey does return, it's in flashbacks. But if Season 7 follows the leaks out there, he'll be seen via one of Arya Stark's Faceless tricks.

You'll recall that Arya killed the wonderfully terrible Walder at the end of Season 6, for his role in the Red Wedding. According to the Season 7 leak originally posted to Reddit (via Daily Mail):

"Arya's first order of business in the season is to summon all the Freys using the face of Walder whom she executed last season, and - after sending all the women out - proposes a toast, poisoning the lot."

Here endeth the male Freys? Dang, Arya is savage. She finally returns to her homeland, and instead of trying to find her family, her first instinct is to use the talents she just picked up to trick and slaughter her enemies? Ned would be scared of his little girl.

More leak spoilers were confirmed -- or appeared to be confirmed -- by certain actors recently arriving in Iceland to shoot some pivotal scenes. It is very possible that fans who want to know everything that happens really can just follow the leaks. It's a shame for HBO, but not too different from the early seasons when you could just pick up one of George R.R. Martin's books and know the basics. Seeing it play out will still be very different.

GoT Season 7 premieres this summer.

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