"Star Wars" fans spent the better part of Monday freaking out over the just-revealed title of "Episode VIII," now known as "Star Wars: The Last Jedi." While there are plenty of different meanings one can draw from that phrase, the person to whom many think it refers has given the moniker his official seal of approval.

Mark Hamill weighed in with his thoughts on the title during an interview with the Associated Press on Monday, noting that he's a fan of the choice.

"It's got a real samurai [feel]," Hamill told the AP of the new name. "It's straightforward and minimalist, and I like that."

The samurai comparison is an especially apt one, since "Star Wars" creator George Lucas has frequently cited samurai flicks as part of his inspiration for creating the original series in the first place. And we agree with the actor that the title's simplicity is a strength, since it's easy to remember, but also thought-provoking (hence all the speculation about its true meaning).

In the same interview, Hamill also revealed that he learned the title long ago, while shooting the flick, and was pretty nervous about being trusted with such high-level intel, especially when it comes to the notoriously secretive Disney.

"They have us so jacked up with paranoia over leaks, but that's the way of the world," the actor told the AP. "It's funny, 'cause back when we were making the original, nobody cared."

We can definitively say that that's no longer the case. And we'll be anxiously awaiting the next bit of information the Mouse House shares.

"Star Wars: The Last Jedi" is due in theaters on December 15.