74th Annual Golden Globe Awards - ArrivalsAs hard as it is for fans to face the fact that "Game of Thrones" is ending, it's even more so for Maisie Williams.

With characters always being killed off left and right on the show, only some will make it till the end and others' ends will come much sooner. Whatever happens for Williams' character, Arya Stark, the actress feels torn about inevitably saying goodbye. During a visit to the British daytime show "This Morning" to promote her new film, "iBoy," she admitted as much, saying that it's "really strange."

After being cast as Arya at age 12, Williams has spent most of her career working on the HBO hit series. Leaving it behind will be a big adjustment, even if it does open her up other opportunities.

"It's exciting thinking, 'Oh, I can do whatever I want with my career and I don't have any ties,'" she said during the interview. "But it's also really scary because that's been my safety blanket."

Unfortunately for spoiler-loving fans, she wouldn't give any hints about when Arya's last day may come, but she did offer a few teases.

"Everyone gets their trials and everyone gets their tribulations," she said. "Particularly for Arya, there's some really high points, there's some really low points, too."

We'll find out what that means when "Game of Thrones" Season 7 premiers this summer.

[via: This Morning; h/t: Time]