Tease you, he will.

"Star Wars: The Last Jedi," the artist formerly known as Episode VIII, is currently in post-production for its December 15, 2017 release. Director Rian Johnson celebrated the announcement of the film's official title by sharing a behind-the-scenes photo in the editing bay.

Scour this image for any clues you can glean:

Felt so good to drop this into the cut this morning.

A photo posted by Rian Johnson (@riancjohnson) on

It's not exactly flashy, but this photo -- and a hallway shot Johnson shared last week -- illustrate how so much of the sausage is made in regular office space. Plus, we get a sneak peek of the opening crawl and a reminder that R2-D2 is still at the center of the story.

Episode VIII's title was just revealed on Monday, Jan. 23, and Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) shared his approval. "The Last Jedi" arrives in theaters on December 15. The still untitled Episode IX, directed by "Jurassic World" helmer Colin Trevorrow, is scheduled for 2019.

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