The Cast Of Charmed From L R: Alyssa Milano As Phoebe Halliwell Shannen Doherty As Prue HalliwelThe spells of the "Charmed" reboot need a bit more work.

The CW has pushed back plans for two supernatural series, The Hollywood Reporter shared, rolling development of the "Charmed" and "The Lost Boys" reboots to next season. Why the delays? The CW already said yes to pilot orders for six new series, leaving no room at the inn for the witches of "Charmed" (from "Jane the Virgin" producer Jennie Snyder Urman) and vampire "Lost Boys" (from "iZombie" producer Rob Thomas).

Also, THR quoted sources who said that the "Charmed" draft from "Jane the Virgin" writers Jessica O'Toole and Amy Rardin "didn't come in the way the network had hoped," and producer Urman is too busy wrapping up "Jane" Season 3 to have enough time to commit to the new show. THR said Urman will take on a larger role in retooling "Charmed" for next season once she's done with "Jane."

As far as "The Lost Boys" reboot, TVLine said Thomas is writing the pilot for a planned anthology series, with the first season set during San Francisco's 1967 "Summer of Love." Thomas already wrapped production on "iZombie" Season 3, and the show has yet to be officially renewed for Season 4, so he has time to focus on this new series.

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