iron fist, defenders, marvel, netflix, trailer, danny rand, finn jonesThe first trailer for Marvel's last "Defenders" tie-in series, "Iron Fist," is finally here, and aims to shed some light on the mysterious hero.

The clip introduces audiences to Danny Rand ("Game of Thrones" star Finn Jones), whose parents were killed in a plane crash when he was a boy. The young Danny, who was also on board the aircraft, survives, and begins training in martial arts, spending 15 years learning how to fight.

He eventually decides to return to New York City to reclaim his rightful stake in his parents' company, Rand Enterprises, only to find it's been taken over by some seriously shady figures. And in the midst of all that drama, he also has to take down a group of villains called The Hand.

Since "Iron Fist" is the last of Netflix's four "Defenders" series to debut before the team-up show premieres on the streaming service later this year, its hero is still a bit of an enigma, and the trailer has some fun with that notion. A scene between Danny and Claire Temple (Daredevil" and "Luke Cage") features Danny declaring, "I am the Iron Fist." "What the hell does that mean?" an exasperated Claire replies.

Fans will find out for themselves when "Iron Fist" debuts on Netflix on March 17.