TV STILL -- DO NOT PURGE -- House of Cards - Season 3 Key Art, NetflixThe Underwoods are getting new company on "House of Cards."

Netflix announced that Patricia Clarkson and Campbell Scott are joining the cast of the presidential drama for the upcoming fifth season. No details were revealed about their characters, but the streaming service did release two photos, and Clarkson is seen with Claire (Robin Wright) in a meeting at the White House, while Campbell appears to be consulting with Republican presidential nominee Will Conway (Joel Kinnaman).

The Oscar-nominated Clarkson has a long resume of movies and television, including a recent cameo on "Broad City." Scott has acted in "Damages" and "Royal Pains."

House of Cards

"House of Cards" season 4 ended with Frank (Kevin Spacey) declaring war ... as a means of boosting his popularity in the midst of the election. And judging by this ominous teaser, Frank Underwood at war is pretty terrifying:

"House of Cards" season 5 begins streaming May 30 on Netflix.

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