No matter what, "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2" is going to make Scrooge McDuck-level coin. Two words: Baby Groot. The buzz got even louder after The Hollywood Reporter said the Marvel sequel scored an extremely rare perfect 100 percent test screening rating -- the highest in Marvel's nine-year history, and obviously the best you can do.

Insiders told THR that Marvel's previous top-scoring titles were "Iron Man 3" and "Avengers," which both tested in the high 90s, so take that for what it's worth.

However, here's the catch: Marvel does test screenings its own way, using "friends and families screenings" as opposed to the audience test screenings all studios do, but mostly with Average Joes and Janes at the mall or other locations around Los Angeles. That's already a pretty specific sample group (who knew Valley girls could be so influential to the film industry?) but of course it's not the same as inviting your own very biased family to screenings.

Here's more on the process from THR:

"The audience is shown the movie and asked to rate using a series of boxes marked excellent, very good, good, fair, and poor that is then scaled. Follow-up questionnaires and discussions also occur with studios also looking at whether or not audience members would recommend the movie or not.

Marvel, however, culls from a more select pool of recruits, what it terms 'friends and families screenings.' It's larger than one might think and still a vigorous testing procedure, not a celebratory reception. It's one way for Marvel to control security and prevent leaks of either plot spoilers or footage from getting out. And it's a process Marvel has employed since the first Iron Man.

But because the Marvel testing process is not as random as other studio procedures, the 100 score for Guardians 2 is not necessarily able to be compared to other non-Marvel movies. And testing, of course, is a complicated process and not indicative of a movie's box office performance or reviews."

So we can compare it to other Marvel movies, since they've been doing this testing from the start, but not to any other films. And keep in mind they listed "Iron Man 3" as a previous top-scoring Marvel film, and fans and critics were not as charmed.

Then again, Chris Pratt did hype "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2" as the "the biggest spectacle movie of all time." And there's Baby Groot. The rest of the film could be white noise, and we'll melt for every scene with Baby Groot. Let's be honest: He probably earned all those 100s himself.

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