Power Rangers"Are we more like Iron Man or Spider-Man?" wonders one of the "Power Rangers" in the new trailer for the movie about the teen superheroes.

Maybe a bit of both, actually. The new trailer shows that these teens certainly know how to crack a line, all while brimming with excitement at the prospect of wearing really cool armored suits, wielding really cool gadgets, and kicking not-so-cool villainous butt in the form of Rita Repulsa (a wonderfully campy Elizabeth Banks).

There's not a ton of new footage, though we get a first glimpse at Red Ranger (Darce Montgomery) using the signature Power Sword. The best part of the trailer comes at the end, when Bill Hader's robotic assistant Alpha 5 gets in a few punches and screams "Yeah! Power Rangers!" like the kid inside all of us.

"Power Rangers" opens in theaters March 24.

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Power Rangers
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