"Game of Thrones" Season 7 delayed its own filming schedule to better capture real winter footage for the real winter timeline of the HBO show. Well, my sweet summer child, be careful what you wish for. According to Page Six, the cast and crew filming in Iceland have been hampered by severe weather issues in the final weeks of February filming.

Iceland is the setting of Northern scenes at the Wall and beyond, and Kit Harington (Jon Snow) was one of the actors mentioned as suffering through shooting in 100 mile-per-hour winds and -25C (roughly -13F) wind chill.

A source told Page Six:

"Daylight is scarce here [five to six hours a day]. Super jeeps are needed to bring in equipment, and much is then transported by hand . . . The actors are made up and dressed in hotels and driven to location 90 percent ready to shoot . . . Shelter is provided by 'Russian tents' that are anchored down, and able to be heated, and [can] withstand 100 mph winds."

They added that the winds made hearing the dialogue a challenge since the words were just "whipped away" and everyone had to shout. Then there's this irony:

"And despite the cold, there was an issue with a lack of snow in the lowland locations."

So they got the frigid winter weather but no snow for Jon Snow. Can't win.

Most cast members appear to have wrapped Season 7 at this point, and the ones who get to see Season 8 are expected to return for filming in September. HBO has yet to reveal an official Season 7 premiere date beyond sometime this summer. Jacob Anderson (Grey Worm) recently said that, despite Season 7 having fewer episodes than usual, the season itself actually "feels bigger" than normal.

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