'Death At A Funeral' Los Angeles Premiere - ArrivalsTwo comedy heavy hitters are joining forces.

Tracy Morgan and Luke Wilson are set to star together in the upcoming film "The Sh*theads," Deadline reports. Not surprisingly, the project is a comedy flick. It is described as "'The Last Detail' by way of Bret Easton Ellis."

For those unfamiliar, "The Last Detail" is a 1973 profanity-laced comedy-drama that follows two Navy men (Jack Nicholson and Otis Young) as they are charged with bringing a young sailor (Randy Quaid) to a military prison. "The Sh*theads" takes some of the elements of the story and also makes changes. The film will instead center on an incompetent duo hired to get a teenage millionaire to rehab.

With decades of comedy between them, Morgan and Wilson seem like a great fit for the comedy. Morgan is known for projects like the buddy cop film "Cop Out," "The Tracy Morgan Show," "30 Rock," and more. Wilson has stayed busy as well, starring in a variety of films, including "Concussion," "The Ridiculous 6," and "Old School," among others.

The project comes from writer-director Macon Blair, who helmed the prize-winning film "I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore." His work also includes "Blue Ruin," "Green Room," and the upcoming "Small Crimes."

[via: Deadline]