Kristen BellWhat do you do when your husband tries to frame you for murder? If you're Dateline NBC" host Keith Morrison for help.

The star of "The Good Place" sat down with Morrison to celebrate the series' 25th anniversary for EW. She admitted that husband Dax Shepard (of the upcoming "CHiPS" movie), is "a bit of a jokester." He borrowed her phone and Googled: "How to get away with murdering my husband."

"If he ends up dead, how much trouble do you think I'm in?" she asked Morrison.

He responds, "Well, you're in trouble anyway for even thinking about it ... If anything at all happens to him, it's your phone, it doesn't say who Googled it."

He then whispers to her, "You know about antifreeze, right?"

For anyone who's not a "Dateline" or "Forensic Files" junkie, the not-for-human-consumption car additive has frequently been used to poison spouses. However, as all true-crime junkies know, the formula has been changed so it's a lot harder to disguised the taste of antifreeze, even in your intended victim's favorite sports drink.

Bell and Shepard have been married since 2013, have two children and frequently co-star in ads for Samsung home appliances, thus ranking pretty low on the "likely to murder each other" scale.