Just in time for the arrival of the new "Beauty and the Beast," Screen Junkies is offering us all a reminder of what this "tale as old as time" is really about: a cruel prince trapped in a beast's body, holding a girl captive in his castle.

The latest video in the Honest Trailers series debuted Tuesday, and it highlights just how "messed up" the 1991 animated classic is. All that romance you remember from childhood? It obscures the fact that Belle exhibits signs of Stockholm syndrome.

The hilarious trailer goes on to show the ways Disney was able to distract us from all the strangeness, like by including irresistible songs. Of course, since this is an Honest Trailers video, the lyrics aren't quite the same. Instead, we get to hear new ones that definitely wouldn't have been allowed in the animated version of the film.

Revisit Belle and the Beast's story, as told by Honest Trailers, below.

The live-action "Beauty and the Beast" opens in theaters on March 17.

[via: Screen Junkies/YouTube]