Will Shuester may need detention for his upcoming behavior on "Grey's Anatomy." A few days ago, the news came out that "Glee" alum Mattthew Morrison would be joining "Grey's" Season 13 as Dr. Paul Stadler. Photos showed him with Justin Chambers (Alex Karev) in Episode 23.

All of that pointed directly to Morrison booking the role of Dr. Jo Wilson's (Camilla Luddington) abusive husband, from whom she fled. It was previously reported that "Grey's" was casting a new doc for the final four episodes of this season, with a possible return in Season 14. TVLine said they were seeking "a Caucasian actor in his mid 40s to play a new doctor who is 'appealing, charismatic and charming' — in other words, a total freakin' catch. The twist? He's has a 'manipulative, scary dark side.'"

That was always expected to be Jo's hubby. We don't even know Jo's real name, but it's possible her last name is still Stadler, if Morrison's character is indeed her husband. It also fits to have Alex in the picture, since it would be a very Alex thing to do to track him down to get a divorce in motion -- or just to confront the guy for what he did -- so Jolex can get married and begin their lives together.

Fans reacted to the news of the beloved "Glee" alum playing an abuser; one viewer summed up the general response with "IM F*CKING SCREAMING JO'S HUSBAND IS WILL SCHUESTER." Here are more reactions:

"Grey's Anatomy" is airing Season 13, Episode 18 tonight (Thursday, March 30). There are 24 episodes to this season, so we won't meet Morrison's new doctor for a while.

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