The first season of HBO's "Westworld" ended with an array of android hosts seemingly rising up against their human makers to take over the park. A bloodbath looked imminent.

But when "Westworld" returns for Season 2, viewers may not see that battle -- at least, not at first.

"We are definitely not picking up right where we left off," co-creator Jonathan Nolan told Entertainment Weekly at the show's recent Paleyfest panel.

Nolan's wife and co-creator Lisa Joy cryptically explained, "You're definitely going to see the aftermath and the effects of what happened."

So, does that mean Season 2 will have some kind of time jump -- so we see the park days or weeks (or even months or years ... or decades) after that showdown? Season 1 played with different time frames -- perhaps "Westworld" will go back in time and explore more of the origins of the park.

Nolan has previously indicated Season 2 would illuminate how the park works, so we may get to know more of the hosts -- like the ones played by Louis Herthum and Talulah Riley, who were both promoted to series regulars.

"Westworld" Season 2 is expected to premiere in 2018.

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