Some people just don't stay dead in this city.

Netflix released a new teaser video for "Marvel's The Defenders" which points to the return of Elodie Young's Elektra, who died in the Season 2 finale of "Daredevil." The video shows the massive stone urn her body was placed into by the Hand and someone pouring blood into — and the urn opening!

It seems very likely the Hand means to resurrect her just as they did Nobu. But will Elektra be herself when she's revived — or will she turn into the Black Sky as prophesied?

Elektra was always mercurial in her principles, anyway, and the video's sarcastic caption ("Oh great") and follow-up answers on Twitter indicate that she will be more foe than friend to the Defenders — Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron First, and Jessica Jones — when she returns.

"The Defenders" begins streaming August 18 on Netflix.