Netflix is not ignoring the major attention, and controversy, its new series "13 Reasons Why" has earned in the month since its premiere. Right after adding still more trigger warnings to the series -- which follows teen bullying, rape, and suicide -- Netflix posted a half-hour video with the cast, producers, and mental health professionals analyzing the many difficult scenes.

The video, titled "Beyond the Reasons," includes the group deep-diving into "bro code," sexual assault, consent, suicide, and depression. As Katherine Langford (Hannah) puts it around the 20 minute mark, during a discussion of victim-shaming, "I think we need to start these conversations differently, and instead of asking what she did or didn't do, we need to ask what he did and why he was doing it."

Watch the video:The video ends with executive producer Selena Gomez reminding viewers there's absolutely nothing wrong with reaching out for help, directing viewers to for more information and support. "13 Reasons Why" is reportedly close to a Season 2 renewal to somehow continue the story.

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