Now that Netflix has renewed "13 Reasons Why" for a second season, everyone has questions: Will Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford) be part of it? Are there more tapes?

Showrunner Brian Yorkey addressed some of those questions in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

"We're going to answer all of the burning questions that people have about [the show]," he said. "Is Tyler going to do something? What's going to happen to Alex? Will Bryce be brought to justice? We're going to answer those questions but I think, even more, we're going to continue to look very truthfully and very honestly at what they go through, even when it's painful at times."

Though Hannah will no longer provide the voiceovers, she will be a major part of Season 2, which continues to explore who really is responsible for her suicide. The season will also delve into more of Hannah's past.

"We're going to get some new context for events we already know about and we're going to see a lot of things we hadn't even heard about yet that fill in some really interesting gaps in our understanding of who Hannah Baker was and what her life was."

And it seems there are no more tapes!

"There is a different sort of analog technology that plays a hugely important role in season 2," Yorkey teased, adding, "There will be a new piece of technology for 13-year-olds to Google and try to understand what it was."