Jessica Chastain Attends 'Miss Sloane' Madrid PhotocallJessica Chastain is a true professional. Just watch her amazing response, and pivot back to film promotion, when asked about one of Johnny Depp's reported acting "techniques."

Chastain was promoting "Miss Sloane" to BBC News, and she was asked if she had a specific technique when it comes to memorizing lines; the interviewer mentioned a report that Depp has his lines fed to him on set via an earpiece.

Her response to that: She rolled her eyes. Closed them. Smiled. And then responded: "No, I guess my technique is working hard. So on the weekends, before I go to my work week, I memorize."

She then pivoted back to her character in "Miss Sloane," explaining that the only way she could play this character -- the smartest person in the room -- would be to put in the hours working on the script to get the lines down cold.

She wasn't throwing shade at Depp, just the idea of having her lines fed to her on set. She has a right to think that's less than professional. No need to go crying for Johnny. He makes a lot more money per film than Jessica Chastain, thanks to his longer career and huge success with the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies. Yeah, he's topped the most overpaid star list for a couple of years in a row, and now that he's involved in lawsuits over his "lost millions," a whole lot of dirty laundry is coming out, but he's still Johnny Depp and that gives him a special kind of armor. Fans are still defending him.

Depp is not the only star to (allegedly) require line-feedings, or use unorthodox techniques. When making "The Godfather," the Associated Press reported, Marlon Brando had his lines written on sheets of paper and taped them onto co-stars Al Pacino and Robert Duvall, reading off their bodies while they faced away from the camera. According to the report, Brando claimed it added spontaneity to his readings. Whatever works!

[via: Huffington Post]

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