Roger Moore Appears On The Italian Show I Migliori Anni There was a special bond between Pierce Brosnan and Roger Moore, and it wasn't just the character they had in common.

After Moore's death on May 23, Brosnan wrote a touching tribute to his fellow James Bond for Variety, describing how the older actor was his "first real hero." He became a fan at age 11, before Moore even took over as 007. Back then, Moore starred on the TV series "The Saint," playing Simon Templar. Brosnan was so inspired by him that, at age 12, he and his parents lined up to meet Moore.

"He is the only actor I ever asked for an autograph," Brosnan wrote.

The two later crossed paths again after Moore had taken over as Bond -- becoming "an even greater hero" to Brosnan -- and Brosnan's late wife, Cassandra Harris, had landed a role in "For Your Eyes Only" with Moore. Brosnan remembers the star as being "gracious" to him and the kids.

Eventually, Moore retired from playing Bond, but he still cared about the series' legacy. When Brosnan was starring in his first 007 film, "GoldenEye," Moore went to visit him on set.

"I was still in awe of the man," Brosnan wrote.

And for good reason. As he points out, Moore was incredibly talented and he brought comedy and charm to the role, successfully winning over fans. It couldn't have been easy filling Sean Connery's suit, but he did it well.

"We fell in love with a magnificent actor," Brosnan wrote. "Never forgetting the audience, never letting the begrudgers in, Sir Roger enthralled the world for many years as Bond."

[via: Variety]