"Prison Break" just ended its limited return season, and fans want MORE, especially of one particular character.

Not all fans are pushing for a Season 6, since the Season 5 finale was darn near perfect, giving Michael (Wentworth Miller), Lincoln (Dominic Purcell), and Sara (Sarah Wayne Callies) their happy endings. There was tragedy in the loss of poor Whip (Augustus Prew), leading to his dad (still sounds weird) T-Bag (Robert Knepper) getting revenge. In one glorious final twist, T-Bag ended up back in the OG prison Fox River, as the new bunkmate of Jacob (Mark Feuerstein).

At this point, Fox does not have "Prison Break" on the schedule for this fall, and there are "no plans right now" for the show to return, since the producers and writers have yet to come up with a worthy story. So you can stop asking about it on Twitter.

However, if there is a Season 6 at some point -- if the writers come up with the perfect next chapter -- the fans and executive producer Paul Scheuring all know one thing they want to add: More Sucre (Amaury Nolasco).

Sucre's name also came up at the end of Entertainment Weekly's Q&A with Paul Scheuring:

EW: Is there anything you wish you had gotten to do this season?

Paul Scheuring: "That's a good question. No, this was all outlined pretty copiously before the season started, so we shot exactly what we intended. Obviously you always want bigger action sequences and more time to film and that sort of stuff, but I feel like given the very tiny window we had to make this, I think we've got to do what we want to do, so I feel pretty good about that.

One thing that's funny is, I will say that a lot of fans are really clamoring for Sucre because they haven't seen him since episode 1. I love Sucre, I wish he could've been in the season more, but again, all characters had to be organically within the series and he didn't really have a role other than being the sidekick running around in Yemen, which he really didn't have a skill set for. So I guess I wish there could've been more Sucre, but that would have been creatively disingenuous to include him more than that, but if there's another season maybe there's way more Sucre."

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