When "This Is Us" returns this fall, the first episode of Season 2 will offer a clue on THAT Jack mystery, but also spark some new questions.

Many fans thought the "This Is Us" Season 1 finale might explain how nearly perfect husband/father Jack Pearson (Milo Ventimiglia) died, but that was left until Season 2. Creator Dan Fogelman recently joined the cast for a panel talk, saying (via: Entertainment Weekly) that questions about Jack's death will be answered "over the course of the season. However, he added, "that's not to say new questions won't start being asked."

But he did promise this about the Season 2 premiere:

"The first episode of the season holds not all the answers but a huge piece of the puzzle."

Fans have been coming up with their own theories on how Jack died, and even though Fogelman said he hasn't read everything online, the writers for the show have been keeping an eye on the fan talk, and apparently they have "not quite seen anybody in the vicinity of being right." It's possible we don't have enough information yet. Fogelman said they never planned to reveal the whole story at once, but also never dreamed that "this chaos about Jack's death" would still being such a major talking point for fans.

At least the Jack actor himself knows the truth, with Milo Ventimiglia telling the New York Post:

"I know how [Jack dies], I know when, I know why. It didn't sway me at all. Fogelman said to me, 'Milo, don't worry. Just because Jack is dead in the present day doesn't mean you're going to be off the show.'"

However, he was not happy to hear that fans felt "disappointed" and cheated over the mystery continuing into Season 2:

"It bothered me that people were so wrapped up in wanting to know [about] Jack's death. Whenever someone would say to me, 'I was bummed I didn't find out,' I would say, 'I'm disappointed you didn't focus on his life.' People are dissatisfied no matter what. If Jack dies: 'Why did you kill him?' If Jack lives: 'Why didn't you show us how he died?' People just need to calm down ... and understand that things are going to unfold as they're supposed to unfold."

Yes, sir! But fans love a good mystery, and no one should be surprised that we want to follow the clues and solve what happened to this beloved character. Of course, Jack's mystery is just one piece of the show, and fans are curious for answers on Season 1's many character cliffhangers.

"This Is Us" Season 2 premieres this fall -- still on Tuesdays, not Thursdays -- on NBC.

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