If you thought American politics was nuts, a costumed guy named "Lord Buckethead" ran against British PM Theresa May in yesterday's election. (As did a guy dressed up like Elmo. No joke.)

Sadly, the black-clad cosplayer didn't win, even though one of his platforms was "nationalizing Adele."

So who is Lord Buckethead? We may not know the identity of the man behind the mask, but Buzzfeed UK revealed that he's not, as some might think, the "It's just a flesh wound" Black Knight from "Monty Python and the Holy Grail." He's a villain from a far more obscure film, the 1984 "Star Wars" parody "Gremloids" (aka "Hyperspace"), starring comedians Chris Elliot, Paula Poundstone and Lynn-Holly Johnson. And you're in luck: The whole movie is on YouTube.

Let's savor Buckethead's Lovejoy" being a British mystery series starring Ian McShane as "a roguish antiques dealer" that ran from 1986-1994.)

Lord Buckethead also created a manifesto, which included a bullet point in favor of facial hair and "bucket-related headgear."

Lord Buckethead (not to be confused with the musician Buckethead), shared the news on Twitter that he had received 249 votes, saying, "Something to celebrate, eh?"