Teddy's back! Kim Raver is scrubbing into Season 14 of "Grey's Anatomy."

The actress, who was a series regular in Seasons 6-8, is returning as Dr. Teddy Altman for a guest arc, according to Deadline.

The last we saw Teddy, the head of cardiothoracic surgery was fired by friend and onetime romantic interest Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) so that she could take her dream job at the United States Army Medical Command.

She was mentioned in the Season 14 finale, after Owen's MIA sister, Megan, had been found. Teddy confirmed Megan's identity over the phone to Owen's wife, Dr. Amelia Shepherd. Megan is en route to reunite with her brother — perhaps Teddy caught the same flight! And maybe she'll cause some extra drama in Owen and Amelia's already tumultuous marriage.

Raver will also play a surgeon, Dr. Bergstein, in Season 5 of Showtime's "Ray Donovan," which premieres August 6.