Academy Of Television Arts & Sciences Presents The 22nd Annual Hall Of Fame Induction Gala - Red CarpetStar Wars fans are a thirsty bunch, and they'll guzzle down any and all set reports from the Han Solo movie. Ron Howard now has the director's chair for the still untitled standalone, and he celebrated his first day with this cheeky photo showing just about nothing:

He knew it wasn't much, but he also probably knew it would get fans talking anyway:

It was only last week that Lucasfilm announced that directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller would be leaving the Han Solo movie, several months into filming. After that, a bunch of rumors came out about what went wrong, including that the star himself -- Alden Ehrenreich -- voiced concerns, and the studio fired an editor and hired an acting coach late in the process. Then Ron Howard was tapped as the replacement, reportedly checking over what's been done and looking to see what he needs to do on his end, since only a few weeks of filming were left on the original schedule. The movie still has the same release date, but it remains to be seen exactly how much Howard will reshoot or retain from Lord & Miller's work.

Speaking of Miller, he dropped a Han Solo quote on his own return to Twitter:

The untitled Han Solo film remains scheduled for a May 2018 release. We're still on standby for some official photos and, eventually, a trailer.

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