'Baywatch' Photo Call In Berlin"F*ck you, Jar Jar Binks!"

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson spent Independence Day at the National Center for Civil and Human Rights in Atlanta, but the day before, he was hard at work getting #BloodiedAndBattered on the set of "Rampage." And before that, he was hard at work getting hilariously ridiculous to support Ben Stiller's "Dodgeball" charity campaign.

The "Rampage" movie, based on the 1986 video game, has been filming since the first week of May for its April 2018 release date. Johnson shared a set photo on July 3, to show off his (and the crew's) hard work even during a long holiday weekend:

Back on May 2, to kick off the first day of production, Johnson posted the first photo and details about the film:

"In our story we have three animals who fall victim to evil genetic editing, rapidly changing every strand of their DNA so they grow, evolve and mutate. Everything becomes amplified.. their size, strength, speed, agility.. and violent aggression.

One of the animals infected - a rare Albino gorilla named, George, is my best friend.

George, is played by 6'9 Jason Liles, pictured here. Jason has been studying gorillas for months now preparing for this motion capture role. Gorillas movements, body language, and all emotions - joy, pain, sadness, love, aggression etc. It's insane when you get around this man and how he's able to embody a gorilla. This is the most fascinating advanced VFX/motion cap process I've ever worked with in my career.

We have the best mo-cap team in the world (WETA Digital) working on our RAMPAGE MONSTERS and you'll get a taste of this new technology in the upcoming WAR FOR THE PLANET OF THE APES as well as James Cameron's AVATARS.

With all the cool advanced technology in our movie, the #1 thing you're gonna experience when you watch it, is FUN.

Because when my best friend, George no happy, then me no happy. And when me no happy.. bad people become our lunch."

"Rampage" also stars Naomie Harris, Malin Akerman, Jake Lacy, Joe Manganiello, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. It's scheduled for release April 20, 2018.

The Rock also spent part of his weekend showing off a pitch-perfect (but R-rated, for f-bombs) promo for Ben Stiller's "Dodgeball" reunion project:

The Rock shared more "Dodgeball" related videos on his Insta, so check them out.

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