'Spider-Man: Homecoming' Press ConferenceGuys, you've made Underoos so happy.

"Spider-Man: Homecoming" is certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, with a 92 percent rating so far, after about 100 reviews. It doesn't open to the general public until this Friday, July 7, but when it was screened for the press last week, the early reviews were beyond glowing. You must've seen the tweets. Star Tom Holland certainly did, admitting to Collider that they almost made him cry.

Collider talked to Holland last week, right after the initial screening; the reporter said he loved the movie, and suggested Holland check out Twitter to read the reactions.

Holland: "I have been on Twitter, and it's been blowing my mind. I woke up this morning and nearly cried. I genuinely nearly had tears rolling down my face."

(Question: Does the Spidey suit come with a hidden pocket for one of those mini Kleenex packets, for when you need a good cry?)

Collider said a lot of people don't realize it's hard work and long days to make a movie like this, it's not like a sitcom.

Holland: "You're on set for sort of 15 hours every day in that suit, and it's hard work. It really is hard. It's long, it's tough. People do a lot harder jobs. But that said, I put my heart and soul into this movie, and to see that people are enjoying it is so amazing to me."

Yes, early reviews were glowing, but there are some critics calling for caution. Over at Metacritic, "Homecoming" currently has a Metascore of 73, based on 30 critics, which is lower than "Baby Driver" (86), "Wonder Woman" (76), and "The Beguiled" (76). And there are a few "rotten" reviews at RT arguing the movie "lacks inspiration" and "breaks no new ground."

Not trying to take away Spidey's shine. Just saying: Fans should be cautiously optimistic, but don't go in high on hype or it might let you down. Here are six more things you should know about "Homecoming" before you see it.

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