Euron Greyjoy's middle name should be "DGAF."

In Season 7 of "Game of Thrones," the new ruler of the Iron Islands is ready to have some fun causing trouble, actor Pilou Asbaek told Entertainment Weekly.

"He's much more just f—ing enjoying himself this season. He's more charming. He takes himself seriously, but not too seriously," Asbaek said.

Euron already murdered his brother to steal his throne, then plotted to murder his nephew and niece to prevent them from succeeding their father. He is also clearly not an environmentalist after ordering all those trees cut down to build new ships. So, will Euron be the next to wear the "most hated villain" crown on the show, now that Ramsay Bolton is dead?

"Ramsay was a great character and to me was 100 percent evil. I think Euron is not," Asbaek explained. "I'm more like a hooligan. The guy you met at the Kingsmoot is not the guy you will meet on his ship — he's different with different people to get what he wants."

And what he wants is the big throne — the Iron Throne. He may have to woo Cersei Lannister to get it. This could very well be a marriage of true minds.

"Cersei sold her soul many years ago," the actor said. "Maybe that's why Euron likes the idea of her."

"Game of Thrones" Season 7 premieres July 16 on HBO.