69th Emmy Awards Nominations AnnouncementFirst come nominations, and then come reactions.

Following Thursday's announcement of the nominees for the 89th annual Primetime Emmy Awards, Twitter quickly became a hotbed of excitement. Fans, critics, cast, and crew alike soon began responding to the news, many choosing to celebrate in 140 characters. As always, their enthusiasm came in the form of hashtags, emoji, memes, and GIFs, because how else would one express happiness in the age of the internet?

Individual nominees, in particular, had a lot to be thankful for, and they got tweeting.

The reactions weren't all serious -- some humor was thrown into the mix.

While numerous actors who were honored individually spoke up, they weren't the only happy ones out there. Other celebrities were proud to see their series get a nod or wanted to cheer on a co-star or loved one.

Obviously, it was an exciting day for a lot of people in Hollywood.

The awards will be handed out during the 69th annual Primetime Emmy Awards show on Sept. 17.

[via: Twitter]