Let this be a lesson to all future "Big Brother" houseguests: Don't play cowboy in the backyard or this could happen to you.

Christmas Abbott rode around on rodeo clown Jason Dent's back, then he tripped and fell on her foot. She immediately knew it was bad, but no one quite knew how bad until she re-entered the house after having surgery. She didn't just break a couple of bones. As she explained in her return, "I actually had 10 broken bones, four dislocated, and a dislocated ligament. One of the bones was so f*cked up that they actually had to do a donor bone. He [the surgeon] said it looked like a bomb went off in my foot."

Christmas added that she was told it will take about a year for her to recover. She said the doctor told her arthritis will set in between 1-5 years and then she'll have to have another surgery. Christmas is an athlete, and she was already famous as a fitness star before entering the BB19 house, so this is especially devastating for her on a real-life basis, beyond the game. Christmas told the houseguests she doesn't want their pity, just their help on occasion as she tries to get around the house.


Christmas won't be able to compete in physical comps -- like the endurance one on July 13, that Week 3 Alex Ow won -- but she can compete in mental ones, for as long as she's around. Shortly after Christmas re-entered the house, the Nomination Ceremony was held.

Alex nominated Jessica Graf (her pawn) and Dominique Cooper (her target).

Alex doesn't want to get any blood on her hands with her HoH, but she also doesn't want to get out a non-threat like Jessica or a potential ally like Ramses. Plus, evicting Dom would break up the Mark/Elena/Dom power threesome without making Alex go back on her word to Elena.

During the HoH comp, Alex and Elena were the final two, and they made deals not to put each other up, and Alex also promised not to put up Elena's close allies, the couples. Dom was initially included in Elena's group, but Elena is aligned with most of the house (that's a red flag) and it wasn't realistic that she could cover everyone. So Alex picked the non-couple HG in the majority alliance -- Dominique -- and Elena was basically forced to be OK with it, because at least it wasn't Mark, Matt, Raven, or herself.

The Power of Veto competition was held late Friday night. Jason won PoV. The plan *was* take down Jessica and put up a pawn, so Dom is evicted. Alex had originally talked about having Christmas be a backup target, but that idea went by the wayside. Alex initially consideredRaven or Mark as a pawn. There was fear that Mark as a pawn would end up being the target -- which they (Paul is mostly running this HoH, the way he runs his mouth and everything else) don't want for some reason. So they were going to talk to Raven about maybe sitting next to Dom to get Dom out.

However, Raven wasn't big on that, and Jason didn't want to put his buddy Mark in danger, so Jason kept the nominations the same. Either Dom or Jessica but mostly Dom will be evicted on July 20.

Let's be honest, Dom is probably the target because her talk show interview with Cody pissed off Paul and made her his target. But Raven and Matt also didn't like Dom's line of questioning, and that talk show put her on everyone's radar and made her an easy target for someone like Alex, who just wants to get out someone not on her side.

At least this week's drama has shaken up the house, with Mark no longer seeming to trust Matt and Raven, the only other couple left in the game. And at least Dom now sees through Paul, and knows that he's the head of the snake. So of course she has to go.

The irony is that, if (when) Dom is evicted, the Battle Back will be Cameron vs. Jillian vs. Cody vs. Dom, all but ensuring that Cody returns. In his exit interview, Cody said he wouldn't even target Paul if he returned, he'd team up with Paul to break up the couples, like his old bros Matt and Mark, to get revenge. So Paul seems to be doing just fine, and the couples are in danger.

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