'Captain America: Civil War' - European Premiere - VIP ArrivalsIn the era of Peak TV, it's not just good enough for a project to have one successful creative force behind it. No, for FX's newest crime drama has four.

Joe and Anthony Russo, the directors of "Avengers: Infinity War" and two "Captain America" movies, are making "The Mastermind" for FX. They're teaming up with the production companies of Noah Hawley ("Fargo," "Legion") and Robert Kirkman ("The Walking Dead")

The drama is based on an Atavist Magazine investigative series about Paul Le Roux, a former programmer and criminal cartel boss who became a DEA informant. Deadline likens it to Netflix's buzzy "Making a Murderer," in that the engrossing story unfolds slowly, chapter by chapter.

Atavist Magazine is a longform nonfiction publishing platform founded by Evan Ratliff, who wrote "The Mastermind" series.

This is Kirkman's first producing project for FX; his other series, "The Walking Dead" and "Fear the Walking Dead" are on AMC, while "Outcast" is on Cinemax. Ironically, FX is one of the outlets that rejected the now-enormously successful "Walking Dead."