Premiere Of Columbia Pictures' 'Passengers' - ArrivalsJennifer Lawrence has joined the ranks of fans fainting or puking during "1984," and this time Big Brother was not the only one watching.

The Broadway adaptation of George Orwell's classic -- which stars Olivia Wilde, Tom Sturridge, and Reed Birney -- includes harrowing torture scenes, strobe light visuals, blackouts, jackhammer sounds, etc., and it has been making a lot of people sick.

Olivia Wilde tweeted in May about audience members getting sick, but now it's Jennifer Lawrence.

The Oscar winner was apparently at a performance Monday night and had to leave midway through the show. "Several people saw her getting sick in the lobby," a source told Page Six. "The ushers were very helpful and courteous in helping her out."

us-entertainment-tony-awards-arrivals-theatre-awardA friend of Lawrence's told Page Six it wasn't about the play. "She caught the stomach flu from her nephews." The play couldn't have helped, though. (Point to ponder: Why go out to see a play if you have the stomach flu?)

Whatever the reason for JLaw's upchuck, Wilde returned to Twitter for some light ribbing:

According to The Hollywood Reporter -- which called the show "political torture porn" -- many viewers got sick throughout the London transfer's run, and some even got arrested after a heated post-show argument. The show added an age restriction just before opening.

"I'm not surprised since this experience is unique, bold and immersive," Wilde told THR on opening night, which included some fainting. "It allows you to empathize in a visceral way, and that means making the audience physically and emotionally uncomfortable."

"1984" will continue its run through October 8.

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